Gardening in February





  • Divide and replant congested snowdrop bulbs ‘in the green’.
  • Prune and remove old growth from shrubs

Fruit and veg – ensure the plot is well prepared

  • Plant shallots
  • Sow seeds like mustard and cress in a pot or onto damp kitchen paper and place on the kitchen windowsill. Ready within days.
  • Protect fruit bushes from hungry birds with netting and bird scarers.
  • If training a gooseberry prune side shoots back to two or three buds
  • Sow crops such as Brussels sprouts, spring cabbage, cauliflower, onions, leeks, lettuce and salad leaves crops into pots or trays in the greenhouse, ready to transplant outside later

Greenhouse or indoors! – insulate your greenhouse with polythene or bubble wrap

  • Sow summer-bedding plants into clean trays in a heated propagator (indoors) or in the greenhouse
  • Plant dahlia tubers in trays of compost – will encourage shoots to develop, which can be used as cuttings
  • Pot on houseplants and ferns into pots the next size up