Gardening in January

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Part One:

Part Two:

Tidying up:

  • Clear leaves
  • Prune trees and clip hedges
  • Prune Wisteria to encourage lateral growth
  • Clean patio and decking of algae and moss
  • Plan what to do in the coming months
  • If you haven’t yet recycled your Christmas tree, remove the branches and use to make a pile in the garden for bugs and insects to hibernate in. Make a log pile for bumble bees and insects to help control pests.


  • Winter pots – clear weeds, add new compost to revitalise and plant up new pots
  • Plant Primula Vulgaris, Pansies, Violas, Winter Cyclamen, Snowdrops, Aconites and Heleborus Niger, all good for winter pots.  Divide old plants to create more for free!
  •  Take hardwood cuttings to increase your stock.

Other jobs:

  • Add organic matter as a mulch around plants and to the vegetable plot to help improve the soil. Top dress plants with a mulch of bark chippings to help retain moisture and stop weeds.
  • Hang up fat balls and bird feeders to encourage birds into your garden, which will in turn eat many pests.
  • Keep gardening tools maintained.