Gardening in November

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Plan for spring. Maintenance jobs:

  • remove leaves and either put in a bin liner with holes to store, or add to compost heap, or use as a mulch. Don’t pile up damp leaves or grass against neighbours wooden fence!
  •  add organic matter to soil, and add a mulch to retain moisture and help reduce weeds.
  • order compost or soil improver.
  • tidy patio, empty old pots, remove summer bedding.
  • trim bushes.
  • cover fruit trees with fleece.
  • prepare veg plot.
  • check guttering
  • remove dead leaves from ponds and stop feeding fish.

Create veg boxes: plant up a 1m squared box for winter veg and place outside the door for easy access.


  • Violas, Pansies, Scimia etc.
  • Blackberries and Raspberries.
  • take hardwood cuttings and plant small fruit trees
  • veges: garlic, broad beans, peas, rhubarb

Check any bonfires for hedgehogs.

Think ahead to Christmas trees. What healthy signs to look out for:

  • straight trunk
  • good colour
  • shake to check needle drop
  • purchase rooted will keep it longer, especially if you want to plant out afterwards.
  • leave outside as long as you can, then place in coolest part of the room. Add at least one pint of water per day to minimise needle drop. Good varieties: Larch and Norwegian Spruce.
  • After festivities plant out in a shady spot.